HaySoft Timothy

HaySoft Timothy is grown from using pure timothy grasses which makes the product very low in sugar. This makes HaySoft Timothy a great choice for laminitic horses, ponies and general good doers.

HaySoft Timothy is harvested later than rye grass usually mid to late June. Timothy has a different nose to rye grass which in turn makes it ideal for fussy feeders and is highly palatable. 

It can also be fed to camelids such as alpacas, camels and llamas, making it a versatile product for a variety of animals. 

The product is split into 3 sections for your convenience! 

Our haylage is

Economical, sustainable and UK grown

Low Carbon emissions due to being a UK produced product

Grown on our own and neighbouring farms

All our packaging is recyclable

One of the best value equine haylage on the market