HaySoft Original

HaySoft Original is a premium rye grass haylage grown and harvested on our family farm in Essex. This high quality product suitable for a large range of horses and ponies, particularly those in light to medium work. 


Pink is one large single section which is more economical for our customers and the purple bag is made up of 3 sections making it easier to split up and feed.

HaySoft Original is made from premium cut rye grass and is tightly packaged when it’s moisture content reaches levels of 30-35%. This method prevents the formation of dust and spores. HaySoft Original is then mildly fermented in order to preserve nutrients and create moist, nutritious and dust-free forage that does not require soaking.

Our haylage is

Economical, sustainable and UK grown

Low Carbon emissions due to being a UK produced product

Grown on our own and neighbouring farms

All our packaging is recyclable

One of the best value equine haylage on the market