HaySoft Oat Chaff

Haysoft Oat Chaff

HaySoft Oat Chaff is made from the best quality oat straw. A unique chaff which is suitable for the majority horses and ponies.

HaySoft Oat Chaff is made with the finest oat straw which results in lower sugar, lower protein but higher fibre. This makes is suitable for veterans, natives and laminitics, and is lower in sugar and protein than the HaySoft Hay Chaff.

Feeding HaySoft Oat Chaff is beneficial as it encourages saliva and slows down the eating process. 

Original Haylage Nutrition List

Fibre 36% Protein 4.5% Sugar 1.5%

Our bedding is

Economical, sustainable and UK grown

Low Carbon emissions due to being a UK produced product

Grown on our own and neighbouring farms

All our packaging is recyclable

One of the best value equine haylage on the market