Premium Quality Equine Haylage

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HaySoft is a family owned business which was established over 30 years ago. The family have been farming in Essex for 5 generations and have a deep passion for all things agriculture.

All HaySoft products are manufactured in our state of the art processing plant based on our farm in Essex. 

At HaySoft, we believe in sustainability and low carbon impact by growing and sourcing local raw materials.

Our haylage is

Economical, sustainable and UK grown

Low Carbon emissions due to being a UK produced product

Grown on our own and neighbouring farms

All our packaging is recyclable

One of the best value equine haylage on the market

Compact weather proof bales

30 stacked on a pallet, each pallet can be double stacked, so a pallet space can hold 60 bales for your safety and convenience.

Debbie Brown
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I love feeding my horses HaySoft High Fibre as I know they are getting a healthy forage as it has higher levels of vitamins, minerals and protein than normal hay.
Matt Wilson
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My equine love eating HaySoft Original from their haynet! I chose this brand because it is nutritious and dust-free forage that does not require soaking!
Sarah Ross
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I feed my older pony Bailey, HaySoft Timothy because it is very low in sugar as she suffers from laminitis.